help needed: Document scan of ISS Sperry Univac Driver Exerciser avalaible for bitsavers upload

P Gebhardt p.gebhardt at
Fri Mar 27 05:55:30 CDT 2020

Hello list,

I have a scan of a manual with schematics for a  ISS Sperry Univac Driver Exerciser for 7330 and 843x type of disk drives that was kindly scanned and provided to me by Mark from the Computer History Archivies Project, since he and myself happen to come accross such exercisers. I contacted two times Al via email for access credentials to upload the document as I did in the past years for numerous scans, but I never got an answer. He is probably very busy during the last months. In case anybody has access for uploading documents on this list, can you contact me so that we can make this document available to everybody? 

Best regards,


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