Fonts for Dataproducts printers?

Rodney Brown rdbrown0au at
Thu Mar 26 12:10:03 CDT 2020

In the "Dataproducts (300/600 LPM) Line Printers Maintenance Guide" 
(1984) at (23Mb)
Table 1-2. 300 LPM Character Band & PROM Set Kits p. 1-10 (p. 30-31 in 
PDF) &
Table 1-3 600 LPM .... p1-12 (p. 32-33 in PDF)


"Country/Language","Character Band Number","PROM Number"."Number of 
Printable Characters","Description","Font Style","Spacing"

Band                 Desc                  Font Style

250035-019 64 Utility                 DPC-C
250042-022 96 Upper/Lower     DPC-B/C
250045-022 96 Upper/Lower     DPC-C
250088-039 96 ASCII/Modified  DPC-B

"Number of Print..." is 64 or 96 ... except for an Arabic one
"Spacing in characters per inch" is always 10, except for 4, 15 pitches
"Font Style" is either DPC-B, DPC-B/C, DPC-C, DPC-15, DPC-D for Thai, Arabic

Are there fonts available for the common Font Styles (DPC-B. DPC-B/C, 

The fonts for the Dataproducts (64-char) drum printers may be in that set.

It's possible that the Dataproducts laser printers may have provided the 
fonts, but googling
hasn't shown anything, the Dataproducts website is on,

and my searches showed that the Computer History Museum has a printer 
and a few bands.

The HP2614A Drum printer we had in 1980 was probably one of those and we 
had band printers later.

I should look through my printouts ...

There's a font for the IBM 1403
"Chainprinter Regular Font" at
may be related to the IBM 1403 one too.

This assumes that fonts might be useful for OCR at some stage, or for 
checking retyped data,
or for fun on SIMH.

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