[HECnet] VAX/VMS 3.0 Distribution Available for Download --> boot on Vax8600/50

Antonio Carlini a.carlini at ntlworld.com
Sun Mar 22 10:20:20 CDT 2020

On 21/03/2020 13:47, R. Voorhorst via cctalk wrote:
> Boot on Vax8600:
> HK0: 'F:\Shares\Distribution\VMS\Vms_30\VAXVMSV3.0-26APR1982\vmsv30.rk07' Contains ODS2 File system
> HK0: Volume Name: VAXVMSRL3    Format: DECFILE11B   Sectors In Volume: 53790
> sim> b hk0
> Loading boot code from internal vmb.exe
> %SYSBOOT-W-ECO or microcode version less than minimum required for VMS.
> %SYSBOOT-E-Unable to locate file SYSLOA
> HALT instruction, PC: 0000325A (CLRQ R8)
> sim>
> So some work to do or not (very well) possible.
> So it will run on Vax11/780 the original workhorse from then.
> Somewhere a Decnet-3.0 around for Vms to make it complete?
> Best regards,
> R.V.

A missing SYSLOA usually means you've tried to boot on hardware that the 
release doesn;t know about.

Venus needs VAX/VMS V4.0.


So VAX-11/780, VAX-11/750, VAX-11730 and VAX-11/725 is the most you can 
do with this.


Antonio Carlini
antonio at acarlini.com

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