[HECnet] VAX/VMS 3.0 Distribution Available for Download --> boot on Vax8600/50

R. Voorhorst R.Voorhorst at swabhawat.com
Sat Mar 21 08:47:56 CDT 2020

Boot on Vax8600:

HK0: 'F:\Shares\Distribution\VMS\Vms_30\VAXVMSV3.0-26APR1982\vmsv30.rk07' Contains ODS2 File system
HK0: Volume Name: VAXVMSRL3    Format: DECFILE11B   Sectors In Volume: 53790
sim> b hk0
Loading boot code from internal vmb.exe

%SYSBOOT-W-ECO or microcode version less than minimum required for VMS.
%SYSBOOT-E-Unable to locate file SYSLOA
HALT instruction, PC: 0000325A (CLRQ R8)

So some work to do or not (very well) possible.

So it will run on Vax11/780 the original workhorse from then.
Somewhere a Decnet-3.0 around for Vms to make it complete?

Best regards,

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According to the Release Notes it works on the 11/750 and 11/730 as well.
See: AA-D015D-TE

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>From 1982 I see. I know that this will run on the 780/785 but what about the other VAX-11s or the 8600? I am purely a simulator and have never used the real thing and I am not sure what years the models in question were released. Sorry if my questions seem ignorant.


On Sat, Mar 21, 2020, 8:08 AM Supratim Sanyal <supratim at riseup.net> wrote:

> John Dundas' distribution of VAX/VMS version 3.0 (April 1982) can now 
> be downloaded from my Dropbox.
> The SYSTEM password is MANAGER.
> Note: Dropbox does not force you to create an account, if you look 
> carefully you will see a "Continue to view" link at the bottom of that 
> pop-up.
> Here's what it boots into:
>    VAX/VMS Version V3.0 26-APR-1982 16:21
> %JBC-I-NEWQUEUE, new queue file created %OPCOM, 21-MAR-2020 
> 11:58:34.51, logfile initialized by operator OPA0
>          logfile is SYS$MANAGER:OPERATOR.LOG
>    Login quotas - Interactive limit=64, Current interactive value=0
>    SYSTEM       job terminated at 21-MAR-2020 11:58:39.91
> Username: SYSTEM
> Password:
>          Welcome to VAX/VMS version V3.0 $ $
> Grab it from https://bit.ly/vaxvms30
> Regards,
> Supratim
> --
> Supratim Sanyal, W1XMT
> 39.19151 N, 77.23432 W

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