Prime documentation

Dennis Boone drb at
Wed Mar 11 20:20:08 CDT 2020

 > I think I'm making progress.  I don't know if I've encountered an
 > emulator issue, or if the primos_22.1.4_1of3.tap tape image from
 > Bitsavers is bad.  I didn't encounter any errors unzipping the zip
 > archive it was in.  When restoring logical tape number 2 from it, I
 > got an MT read error:

I was able to reproduce the issue.  When I repacked these using the
Rev. 22 MAGSAV, the install worked correctly.  Here's the repacked tape

Since the emulator doesn't support limiting the size of a tape, I don't
have a way to produce these things spanned across virtual reels.  That
means you'll have to adjust the instructions a little.  You need to read
the saves in this order:


You won't have a "next reel" prompt in the middle.  Each restore will be
logical tape 1.


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