Prime documentation

Dennis Boone drb at
Wed Mar 11 17:56:07 CDT 2020

 > I think I'm making progress.  I don't know if I've encountered an
 > emulator issue, or if the primos_22.1.4_1of3.tap tape image from
 > Bitsavers is bad.  I didn't encounter any errors unzipping the zip
 > archive it was in.  When restoring logical tape number 2 from it, I
 > got an MT read error:

Hm.  You know, I hadn't actually fiddled with that particular tape set
very much.  Poking at it now, it looks like it was written with a newer
magsav that the Rev.22 one on the tape doesn't quite grok.  If you look
at the photos in the zip file, you'll see that it's not a Prime-original
tape set.

I'll see if repacking it that solves the problem, and if so I'll share
it somewhere.

The Rev.19 tape will have other variances from my howto that won't be
obvious if you haven't done PRIMOS installs before.  Clearly, I'm going
to write some doco this week! :)


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