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Tue Mar 3 15:00:52 CST 2020

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> > I've started inventorying a lot of the stuff I'd like to pass on here:
> >
> I can't see these in the Google sheet, for some reason:
> > -Mac network cards (nubus and one for IIsi or SE/30) as well as a couple
> > other accessories (Dayna Mini Etherprint, AAUI transceiver, more
> > accessories to come)
> I am interested in an SE/30 NIC and associated bits (transciever,
> AppleTalk bridge).
> I am happy to pay international postage. I'm in Prague.
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Hello Liam,

The NICs I have are Asante brand. They are located in the Apple/Macintosh

Unfortunately for you, sale is pending on the SE/30 NIC. If the sale falls
through, you are in line behind one other person. I'm fairly confident that
even if the first buyer falls through, the second in line will not.

If you're still interested in the other accessories, I can have a look when
I get home, get a few pictures put up for you, and we can continue from
there. International shipping should not be an issue, filling out a customs
form is not very hard.

Best Regards,
Joe Zatarski

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