Emails going to spam folder in gmail

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Thu Dec 31 20:23:12 CST 2020

> It seems easier to bash Google than it is to debug the actual problems.

I think this is an unfair characterization of the frustrations people have
voiced. I agree individual engineers aren't out to get people with private
mail servers, but:

> There are a lot of factors that
> need to be considered besides DKIM and SPF.  Google has heuristics which
> are probably well justified with data, and it works for the vast majority
> of people.

Stuff like the link you gave


aren't the problem. The problem is when you're doing all of that, and it
doesn't work (i.e., you're not part of this "vast majority"). I don't find
it reasonable to assume everyone who's voiced frustration with Gmail isn't
doing everything in that list already. When you get to that point, after all
that sweat and work, there's no one to communicate with to find out which
part of that black box of heuristics is still getting its nose out of joint,
and it doesn't serve Google's interest to put any bodies towards that sort
of communication because it costs money and it's not their problem.

Plus, well, the more people who need to communicate with a Gmail user, the
path of least resistance is ... Gmail. That works out pretty well for Google.
>From your view in the company, do you see an incentive on their end to work
with folks like us?

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