Emails going to spam folder in gmail

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Wed Dec 30 10:00:13 CST 2020

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> > Attempting to pull in this thread a tad, there are relatively simple
> > measures that can be taken to bring a private mail server into compliance
> > with gmail, Amazon, Microsoft level mail server protocol and
> > authentication.  Its not just gmail.  The simplest measures are done with
> > DNS and TLS.  Most of the mail that I see routinely falling into spam
> > folder is from what appears to be spoofed domains.  Many of these are
> legit
> > messages that dont have a properly configured DNS record, preventing the
> > receiving server from authenticating the FROM domain as owned by the
> > sender.  A simple fix.
> Well, even with proper DKIM mail and SPF records, Google still sometimes
> shafts my mail. No idea why, no one to talk to on how to make it better,
> no options other than "Get a Google mail account".
> Life like that.

There are some pretty good email test utilities on the web.   A test email
is sent to the utility and results as to what's good/bad are returned with
suggested remediation.

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