Emails going to spam folder in gmail

Bill Degnan billdegnan at
Wed Dec 30 09:13:40 CST 2020

> Of course. It makes trouble to other net users and tries to preserve
> itself by hiding complaints. Life would be easier for it if it
> actually tried to imitate poorly working spam catcher.
> Now imagine that there is no "off switch". It can only be persuaded by
> sending email to it, but since nobody knows the address, the only way
> is to actually send spammy messages to other people... on gmail...
> --

Attempting to pull in this thread a tad, there are relatively simple
measures that can be taken to bring a private mail server into compliance
with gmail, Amazon, Microsoft level mail server protocol and
authentication.  Its not just gmail.  The simplest measures are done with
DNS and TLS.  Most of the mail that I see routinely falling into spam
folder is from what appears to be spoofed domains.  Many of these are legit
messages that dont have a properly configured DNS record, preventing the
receiving server from authenticating the FROM domain as owned by the
sender.  A simple fix.



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