Emails going to spam folder in gmail

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I used to manage e-mail filters for our local council. They were "pants". Generally I could spot spam just from the subject line, and for some reason they couldn't.
Almost all the lists I am on have been having recent  issues with things going to SPAM. I think a lot is because of the demise of Yahoo.
... and Microsoft cleaned up Hotmail a long time ago. I seldom see SPAM from Hotmail addresses. GMAIL more often, but most often it appears to be from a compromised windows machine


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> > Thank you both for your information but I am still mystified as to why
> > Gmail marks Google alerts (from Google!) as spam.
> That is particularly amusing/irritating, yes.
> I have 3 or 4 connected accounts -- AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc. -- and when it
> detects what it thinks are intrusion attempts, Google notifies me on all of
> them. Then the ones to non-Google services get collected into Gmail, and
> promptly flagged as spam. But I suppose that, to Google, Google errors that
> didn't come from Google but from non-Google services _are_ suspicious...
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