Emails going to spam folder in gmail

Fred Cisin cisin at
Mon Dec 28 18:56:25 CST 2020

Long ago, some mailing list people found that some newbies, rather than 
properly UNSUBSCRIBE, after sending a message directly to the list saying, 
"UNSCRIBE ME", would then proceed to mark their incoming messages from the 
list as "SPAM" in order to stop receiving them.  GOOGLE, would of course, 
see that a certain address got marked as SPAM by several people, so GOOGLE 
would then classify messages from those addresses, disunirregardless of 
recipient, as SPAM.

List owners would plead with people to UNSUBSCRIBE properly, and to not 
mark messages from the list as SPAM, and even to periodically go to your 
SPAM folder and mark list messages as "NOT SPAM".

GOOGLE would further assume that ALL messages with any address from a 
given domain should be sorted the same, unless the domain was one of the 
ones on their list of BIG domains.  If you are a small domain, one 
classification might get applied to entire domain, rather than just one 
address within the domain.

Often, even the sorting would be done by the address or domain in the FROM 
line, rather than the actual IP address where it originated.  Thus, a 
spammer who spoofs a valid email address can cause the legitimate owner of 
that email address to struggle to get out of being classified as SPAM.

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