Emails going to spam folder in gmail

Chris Zach cz at
Mon Dec 28 16:40:25 CST 2020

> Apologies for asking but what the gmail standards?  Anything from 
>, some of Google's own alerts, and items from 
> were all marked as spam.

They really won't tell you. I run into problems with them from time to 
time, they seem to want to only talk to type domains and 
other big email domains. Which is odd because a lot of junk comes from 
them. Maybe they get a cut. Or maybe Gmail just wants you to use it 
instead of anything else.

However setting up SPF records is a very good start. Alembic follows 
DMARC standards by using SPF which is considered a pass by pretty much 
everyone but does not do DKIM (mainly because it's a pain to set up on 
the client).

A good place to start is:

Also helps to do TLS encryption which requires real certs. LetsEncrypt 
is an excellent way to get a trusted cert on your system without paying 
$100's per year.

Good basic mail tester
test-vckcjzcej at

Better advanced tester.

Anyway, hope this helps.

> N.
>> There are a lot of how-to's on the web, each mail server is different 
>> and there is no simple fix that applies to all. Bill

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