Compiling Fortran77 on the Pro: Where the heck are the library modules?

Chris Zach cz at
Tue Dec 22 21:44:44 CST 2020

So I'm working on compiling some programs on my Pro/380. 2.0 OS, 
Fortran77 compiler, Empire is the sample game. I got it to compile 
properly but when I try to link it the linker/tkb/pab fails with a bunch 
of undeclared references.

Some of them are in the F77FCS.OLB library files on my pdp11/83 (M+ 4.6) 
like $CLOS, ISF$, $OSF, and $OPEN, but others like $EOLST, IOAB$, IOAI$, 
TT$EFN, and others are missing as well.

Did DEC really jerk people around so badly by selling the FCS or RMS 
libraries as a separate installed product? I see some reference to 
RMSLIB.OLB but it's not on this system.


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