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> Everybody,
> Am experimenting with a HP 200LX and cc:Mail v. 8.1, and would like to
> know more about `interactive mode.' There is a choice when connecting
> between `copy & disconnect' and `interactive.' When I try the latter I
> get a pop-up window saying
>   The version of Router you are
>   connecting to does NOT support
>   interactive mode!
> The version of the router program is `cc:Mail NT ROUTER Version'
> In the following article
> it says
> `I have noticed that cc:Mail Mobile lacks some of the capabilities of the
> desktop version:
> 1. cc:Mail Mobile only allows me to "Copy unread mail and disconnect."
> [...]
> 2. cc:Mail on your desktop allows for an "Interactive connection to
>   Post Office." Whenever an e-mail message comes in you get
>   beeped. You can compose a reply on the spot and send it off immediately.'
> This desktop version is apparently Windows cc:Mail version 2.0
> But it seems odd that there would be an option for it on the Palmtop
> (and described at some length in the manual) if it just was not
> available.
> Does anybody know the conditions for using interactive mode? Which
> versions of the router program supports it?
> /Tomas

Do you have a functioning Novell network set up with networking hardware?

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