Tomas By tomas at
Fri Dec 18 19:43:50 CST 2020


Am experimenting with a HP 200LX and cc:Mail v. 8.1, and would like to
know more about `interactive mode.' There is a choice when connecting
between `copy & disconnect' and `interactive.' When I try the latter I
get a pop-up window saying

  The version of Router you are
  connecting to does NOT support
  interactive mode!

The version of the router program is `cc:Mail NT ROUTER Version'

In the following article
it says
`I have noticed that cc:Mail Mobile lacks some of the capabilities of the desktop version:

1. cc:Mail Mobile only allows me to "Copy unread mail and disconnect." [...]
2. cc:Mail on your desktop allows for an "Interactive connection to
  Post Office." Whenever an e-mail message comes in you get
  beeped. You can compose a reply on the spot and send it off immediately.'

This desktop version is apparently Windows cc:Mail version 2.0

But it seems odd that there would be an option for it on the Palmtop
(and described at some length in the manual) if it just was not

Does anybody know the conditions for using interactive mode? Which
versions of the router program supports it?


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