FedEX unsurance issues

Alan Perry aperry at
Tue Apr 28 10:54:17 CDT 2020

On 4/28/20 8:32 AM, Jon Elson via cctalk wrote:

> Anyway, you could sure write a letter to your state attorney general's 
> office.  I have gotten surprising results when making complaints.  A 
> couple years ago, Wagreens has deceptive yellow 2 for 1 labels in their 
> OTC drug and vitamin shelves.  Well, they were NOT 2 for the price of 
> one -- they were buy two, get half off on the 2nd bottle, only. A few 
> months after filing a complaint with the state EG's office, there was an 
> aritcle about it in the newspaper, and they changed the policy.  I 
> assume other people also complained.

I have mixed experiences with filing a complaint to the state AG's 
office. In one case, I got very quick resolution. In the other case, 
they just blew it off.

But I recommend giving it a shot.


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