FedEX unsurance issues

Paul Koning paulkoning at
Tue Apr 28 09:12:00 CDT 2020

I suppose they still charge you an insurance fee according to what you declared as the value?  

This seems like a pretty clear case of fraud, and you should report it to the authorities.


> On Apr 28, 2020, at 10:08 AM, Noel Chiappa via cctalk <cctalk at> wrote:
> Hi, a heads-up on sending expensive items via FedEx. They appear to have a new
> policy, limiting honouring insurance coverage; so, in my opinion, they are
> now unsuitable for shipping valuable items.
> Data point 1: a couple of months back, I bought a PDP-11/40 on eBait. It was
> shipped via FedEx in two separate packages: one with boards, and one holding
> the chassis/front-panel. They somehow managed to lose the second box - and
> then refused to fully pay out the insurance coverage on that box. We provided
> them with data on an open eBay auction for an identical item, to prove that
> our valuation was not inflated, but it didn't help - they only paid out a
> reduced amout, not what the thing was worth, and _what we had insured it for_
> (even though _they_ lost it).
> Data point 2: I collect Japanese woodblock prints; a large dealer I do
> business with used to do all their shipping via FedEx - dozens of shipments
> per week - but as of yesterday I as informed that they are now switching. Why?
> FedEx lost a valuable, insured, package - and would only pay out US1K on it,
> not the full insured value, leaving the dealer to absorb most of the loss
> (several US$K).
> There's a clear pattern here; FedEx is refusing to honour the full insurance
> coverage when an item is lost. So I wouldn't ship anythihg valuable via FedEx
> unless you can find an outside insurer to cover it - since Fedex's own
> insurance coverage now often cannot be relied upon.
> 	  Noel

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