Wanted for non-profit public museum: DEC VT100

Nigel Johnson nw.johnson at ieee.org
Mon Apr 20 13:18:56 CDT 2020

Where is this to be displayed?  I can't help you with the VT100 but I 
was very involved in the PDP11/40 machine that David McLey built his 
software on!

In fact, I worked until 1 in the morning the night before he had a 
meeting with the financiers from New York to finance project, when it 
failed the day before and DEC could not get somebody out to help!


NIgel Johnson

On 20/04/2020 14:12, barry bortnick via cctalk wrote:
> Old IBM magnetic media
> I am hoping someone can help me with a project. I’m volunteer at our local
> music museum (National Music Centre/Studio Bell.) They are restoring a
> vintage Synclavier, an early digital audio workstation, which happens to
> have an embedded DEC PDP 11/23. Part of the museums purpose is to restore,
> maintain and make available these instruments for musicians to use in
> addition to static displays.
> The Synclavier should have a matching VT100, but that is the only component
> the museum does not currently have for this functioning device. Yes, the
> VT100 can be easily emulated, but as a museum, historical accuracy is also
> vital.
> I was wondering if anybody had any leads on a VT100 that might be donated?
> Thanks for any help!


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