Scanning incomplete and updated documents

J. David Bryan jdbryan at
Fri Apr 17 15:06:33 CDT 2020

On Thursday, April 16, 2020 at 23:53, Frank McConnell wrote:

> The folks who did the 3000 manuals didn´t do that very often.  What we
> got were almost always update packets that simply replaced pages in
> their manuals. 

To be fair, the 1000 (DSD) manuals were updated by replacement pages also.  
What was odd and frustrating about the LSD folks was that a given update 
might have two replacement pages and fifteen instructions to modify 
existing pages.

Interesting that each division seemed to have its own rules.

> The 3000 folks I think had to make some effort to get beyond paste-up
> to where they were doing their manuals and updates in something, and
> it didn´t happen until the not-so-early 1980s.

The pre-1980 1000 software manuals, and pretty much all of the hardware 
manuals, appeared to be typeset.  Starting around 1980 through 1986 or so, 
the software manuals had typeset headings and chain-line-printed body text. 
After that, they appear to have been mastered on a laser printer.

> Sometimes I thought the thing was TDP/3000 and the camera-ready copy
> came out of a 2680A or 2688A printer. 

I recall receiving one manual that was actually printed on a 2680...on 
fanfold blank letter-size paper.  Had to de-perf it and punch holes for a 

                                      -- Dave

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