Scanning incomplete and updated documents

Frank McConnell fmc at
Fri Apr 17 01:53:32 CDT 2020

On Apr 16, 2020, at 23:37, J. David Bryan wrote:
> On Thursday, April 16, 2020 at 23:18, Frank McConnell wrote:
>> Sometimes I have come across shrink-wrapped manuals and later updates,
>> and scanned them as found.  I wouldn´t want to deny other people the
>> opportunity to apply updates to manuals, you know?
> Oh yes, especially the ones that would say, "Insert the six paragraphs
> below between the third and fourth lines of page 23."  :-)

The folks who did the 3000 manuals didn’t do that very often.  What we
got were almost always update packets that simply replaced pages in their
manuals.  Once I think I remember getting a sticker to be stuck over the
replaced text on a page.

> I used to despise HP when they would send updates that consisted of
> instructions to modify existing manual pages instead of sending replacement
> pages.  I recall one update, maybe for the HP 64000 logic station mainframe
> service manual, that instructed me to change a dozen or so schematics --
> simple things, like "replace feedback resistor R23 with the active filter
> circuit shown below."  That one got stuck in the front of the outdated
> manual, as I just couldn't bring myself to butcher the pages as they
> required....
> When it came to manual updates, the Logic Systems Division was aptly named.

The 3000 folks I think had to make some effort to get beyond paste-up
to where they were doing their manuals and updates in something, and it didn’t
happen until the not-so-early 1980s.  Sometimes I thought the thing was
TDP/3000 and the camera-ready copy came out of a 2680A or 2688A printer.  I
don’t really know how they got there or how it worked, and by the end of the
1980s I think they had moved away from TDP/3000 to something else.

-Frank McConnell

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