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> > I have seen the suggestions to study the waveforms at a much higher
> > resolution. What I am doing is setting the overall timebase in the
> > 100ms range so that I can trigger on when the 555 starts to oscillate
> > and capture the whole period of operation until the SCR triggers. I
> > can then zoom in, as can be seen from the trace provided in this
> > email. I hope that is good enough, or am I missing some problem with doing
> it this way?
> >
> The timebase will also affect the sampling rate (due to the finite memory
> depth) so some finer details of the waveform may not be captured when
> running at a slower rate.

I did have this in mind but it seemed to me that the sampling was fine enough. To be sure though, I just now changed my trigger to capture the drop in the D19 anode voltage and set the timebase to 10us, but the results looked identical. I couldn't see any spikes that were different to the pictures I posted last night.


> Matt

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