Help installing HP 2000 contributed library in simh

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Mon Apr 6 20:39:27 CDT 2020

On 2020-04-06 18:30, David Williams via cctalk wrote:
> On 2020-04-06 16:29, J. David Bryan via cctech wrote:
>> Access does come with a conversion program, described in Appendix F of 
>> the
>> above manual, that allows one to dump Access programs in 2000F format.
>> Presumably, you could load the CSL tape into an Access system and then 
>> dump
>> the programs to a 2000F tape that could be read into the latter 
>> system.
>> I've never tried this myself, though.
> Looking over the manual I think I'll give this a try, easy enough to
> bring up a new instance of an Access system, try and load the tape on
> there and then dump it with the conversion program. Use to have an
> Access based system running but removed it a couple of computers back.

Could use a little help with this. I have a new 2000/Access system up 
and running and have successfully loaded an account from the CSL tape so 
that appears to be all good. Looking at the doc for running the 
conversion program it tells me I need to load the Master Tape which I 
locate without issue. The problem I'm having is to load it I have to:

1) Press HALT and PRESET

  - okay not an issue following the guide gives me the commands to do 

2) Select the S-register and clear the display. Set bits 15 and 0. Set 
bits 11 through 6 to the low number (high priority) octal select code of 
the magnetic tape device controller.

  - Bit more of an issue for me as I'm not sure what value to enter for 
the tape device. Looking at the included .sim files I used the DEPOSIT 
command with what I thought was it and setting bits 15 and 0 as 
indicated but don't think I had it right.

3) Select the A-register and clear the display. Set bit 0. Press STORE 
and IBL. The contents of the magnetic tape loader ROM are loaded into 

  - Here it stops. The doc says to use the "LOAD CPU" command to simulate 
pressing the IBL button but when I do I just get "Command not allowed".

Not sure it I even have the right value in the S-register to begin with 
of course but Simh doesn't seem to want to let me "press IBL"

Any ideas?

David Williams

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