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Mon Apr 6 18:30:39 CDT 2020

On 2020-04-06 16:29, J. David Bryan via cctech wrote:
> As I noted, I'm not that familiar with TSB (I'm an RTE guy).  But you 
> might
> have to create the desired accounts with the "NEW" sysop command before 
> you
> can restore to them.

Yes I created the accounts first and after I thought the tapes loaded I 
logged in to them to check for the files which weren't there.

> Feature level codes, I think.
> Pages 4-21 and 4-22 of the Access operator's manual (22687-90005, July
> 1976) say:
>    Each system is assigned a Feature Level Code identifying the level 
> of
>    features it supports. Currently, codes are assigned as follows:
>    Feature Level                         Code
>    -----------------------------------   ----
>    2000/C (High-Speed Option)             200
>    2000/F (All Options)                   200
>    HP 2000 Operating System, Release A   1000
>    HP 2000 Operating System, Release B   2000
>    Normally, systems with Feature Level Codes of 1000 or greater cannot
>    access tapes from systems with Feature Level Codes of less than 1000
>    and vice versa. For exceptions to this rule, refer to conversion
>    information in Appendix F.
> If the tape reported a feature level code of 1500, then I'd think it 
> was an
> Access tape.
> Access does come with a conversion program, described in Appendix F of 
> the
> above manual, that allows one to dump Access programs in 2000F format.
> Presumably, you could load the CSL tape into an Access system and then 
> dump
> the programs to a 2000F tape that could be read into the latter system.
> I've never tried this myself, though.

Looking over the manual I think I'll give this a try, easy enough to 
bring up a new instance of an Access system, try and load the tape on 
there and then dump it with the conversion program. Use to have an 
Access based system running but removed it a couple of computers back.

> Another possibility, if you can get listings of the CSL programs you 
> want,
> is to copy-and-paste the source into a logged-in user terminal window
> session.

Thought about this too but as I'm trying to get as much of a set up 
similar to what I had in high school, there are a lot of the programs to 
load and copy/paste would be a pain. Prefer to try and get the tape 
converted to something I can work with on the 2000F.

> Which specific tape are you using?  Bitsavers shows three CSL tapes 
> under
> /bits/hp/tapes/2000tsb, but they all seem to be feature level 1500.

The text files in there appear to label all the CSL tapes there as 
feature level 1500 so it would appear that it doesn't matter which I 

I'll bring up a new Access system and give the conversion program a try.

David Williams

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