Identifying Machine for DEC Memory

Nigel Johnson nw.johnson at
Wed Apr 1 11:16:15 CDT 2020

I have a copy of the DECDirect catalog dating back to somewhere in the 
90's, and it runs under W98 on a VM under SuSE!

I search for the 2-5-2 part number with no results, although it has 
MS01,MS02, MD42, and MS-62.

I used to have a cross reference to 2-5-2 numbers somewhere and if I 
find it I will have another try.,



On 01/04/2020 10:39, Liam Proven via cctalk wrote:
> On Wed, 1 Apr 2020 at 16:13, Rob Jarratt <robert.jarratt at> wrote:
>> This is the listing:
> That is... not very informative. :-(
> I also note that the listing just says VS4000 and does not specify a model.
> It could be one of 5 different models, all of different speeds: a
> 4000/60, 90, 90A, 96 or VLC.
> Could you just put the DIMM onto a flatbed scanner or something?
> The -12 on the chip part number implies 120ns RAM to me. That is slow
> by modern standards -- before EDO came in, PCs tended to take 70ns,
> 80ns was slow and 60ns was fast. 120ns would be quick enough for a
> 4000/60 or 4000/90, marginal for a 4000/90a and too slow for a VLC or
> 4000/96.
> Speeds from:

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