Shipping from Europe to USA

Peter Coghlan cctalk at
Sat Aug 24 16:06:00 CDT 2019

John Herron wrote:
> With all of the stories. I don't know if it exists internationally but I
> think the moral is get insurance with shipper.

What use is insurance?  If the unique machine that you have been searching for
for so long it destroyed in shipping, the insurance company pays you less
than it's value (they're not going to pay you greater than it's value) in money
but does nothing to help you locate another example of the same machine and
get it shipped safely to you.

Maybe a better moral would be "If you want to make sure it arrives safely,
go and get it yourself".

Peter Coghlan.

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> > Howdo I ship a 50 pound computer from Europe to the United States? Who
> > has good rates?
> > Thanks-
> > Steve
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