Too many DEC binders

Matt Burke matt at
Sat Aug 24 04:52:33 CDT 2019

On 24/08/2019 08:18, Aaron Jackson via cctalk wrote:
> I'm going to try to scan as much as I can. The full list of what I have
> is available at the link below. It is mostly mid 1980's VAX/VMS
> stuff.. If anyone would like one of the manuals for the cost of
> shipping, I'd gladly send it over to you.
I seem to have PDFs for quite a lot of the manuals you have listed. I
think I got these on a CD from a friend several years ago and I'd always
assumed they were online somewhere. Maybe they were and have since
disappeared. I'll get these uploaded once I've sorted out what's needed.

>From your list these are the ones which I don't have a PDF for:

AA-D113C-TE   VAX-11 SORT / MERGE User's Guide
AA-H501B-TC   DECnet/E Network Programming in BASIC-PLUS and BASIC-PLUS-2
AA-H503B-TC   DECnet/E Network Programming in COBOL
AA-H504B-TC   DECnet/E Guide to User Utilities
AA-H505B-TC   DECnet/E System Manager's Guide
AA-J055D-TK   Introduction to DECnet Phase IV
AA-JF88A-TE   VAX / VMS Release Notes, Version 4.5
AA-K714A-TC   DECnet/E Network Installation Guide
AA-KX21A-TE   VAX / VMS Supplemental Information, Version 4.7
AA-KX22A-TE   LAT / VMS Management Guide
AA-L265A-TC   DECnet/E Network Programming in MACRO-11
AA-L266A-TC   DECnet/E Network Programming in FORTRAN
AA-M269B-TC   DECnet/E Release Notes
AA-M539A-TE   VAX / VMS Magnetic Tape User Guide
AA-Y510B-TE   Guide to VAX / VMS System Security
AA-Z104C-TE   VAX / VMS Master Index
AA-Z501C-TE   VAX / VMS System Services Reference Manual
AA-Z501C-TE   VAX / VMS Run-Time Library Routines Reference Manual
AA-Z505C-TE   Part II Run-Time Library Routines
AA-Z601C-TE   VAX / VMS I/O User's Reference Manual: Part II
AD-L034A-26   VAX / VMS System Dispatch July 1985
AD-L034A-27   VAX / VMS System Dispatch September 1985
AD-L034A-28   VAX / VMS System Dispatch November 1985
AD-L034A-29   VAX / VMS System Dispatch January 1986
AD-L034A-30   VAX / VMS System Dispatch March 1986
AD-L034A-32   VAX / VMS System Dispatch July 1986
AD-LO34A-31   VAX / VMS System Dispatch May 1986
AI-T512B-TE   Guide to Networking on VAX / VMS
AI-Y516A-TE   VAX / VMS Mini-Reference
AI-Y517A-TE   VAX / VMS User's Manual

I'm not sure about these two though. I have a PDF for AI-Y502B-TE and
AI-Y508B-TE with the same titles. Is the part number you listed correct?

AI-T502B-TE   Guide to Text Processing on VAX / VMS
AI-T508B-TE   Guide to VAX / VMS File Applications


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