Too many DEC binders

Aaron Jackson aaron at
Sat Aug 24 02:18:03 CDT 2019

I have a full book case of DEC binders, each containing one or more
manuals. I went through the lot of it this evening and checked to see
what was on bitsavers. It seems an awful lot of it is not available. I
cannot bring myself to dispose of any of it until it is digitised, but
keeping hold of this much paper is not practical for me.

I'm going to try to scan as much as I can. The full list of what I have
is available at the link below. It is mostly mid 1980's VAX/VMS
stuff.. If anyone would like one of the manuals for the cost of
shipping, I'd gladly send it over to you.

*** If there is anything you consider a priority in terms of being
scanned, please let me know and I'll try to do it sooner, rather than
later.  ***

Finally, I'd like to mention that these manuals came from a friend,
Marc, who passed away early last year. Marc used to be somewhat active
on this list (more so the #classiccmp IRC channel). A friend of Marc
will be participating in a walk for the Campaign Against Living
Miserably (CALM) charity. If anyone is willing to donate (even a small
amount), it would mean a lot to me. CALM is a charity supporting men who
suffer from depression - one of the leading killers of men under 45 in
the UK.

Many thanks,

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