Shipping from Europe to USA

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Thu Aug 22 21:43:42 CDT 2019

On 8/22/2019 6:23 PM, Jon Elson via cctalk wrote:
> The machine was later returned to the US and was used as a
> "test mule". 
At Microdata, we were touring the country on a mission to fix some bugs 
that customers were having, and happened to  be in Dallas when a problem 
with one of a customers drives was serious enough we had to pull and 
replace it.

The drive was shipped counter to counter same day on Delta.  We went to 
the Delta Freight @ the airport to pick it up, and the guy on duty went 
back to get it after some delay.  I think we were the first ones to get 
there for that flight, and he was absent for a while, but some yelling 
got his attention.

Anyway we go to the dock which is at the front of this 30' long bay 
which went out the other end, and waited.  He was told it was heavy, 
crated, and needed a hand truck.  Even offered ours.

After about 5 min we here this crash, then another, at about a 5 or so 
second rep.  After about 5, the end of a crate about the right size to 
be ours appeared.  It was tilted up, and then fell out upside down as 
the guy flipped it over again.

He had gotten in about 10 of those flips before we used some salty 
language and told him to stop and we went with our handtruck.

Made sure he saw the Fragile stickers all over and ignore them.

Reported him to the 800# and called in to several places the next day.

Anyway it worked fine.

Also on the thread topic, PM'ed Steve.  I quoted a shipment to Latvia 2 
days ago, breathtakingly expensive.  It was the same size as his parcel.


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