Shipping from Europe to USA

Jon Elson elson at
Thu Aug 22 20:23:51 CDT 2019

On 08/22/2019 02:09 PM, Paul Koning via cctalk wrote:
Many ages ago, I worked for a company that made 12-bit 
computers for radiation treatment planning.  they palleted a 
computer and shipped it to Holland for a trade show.  At the 
arrival airport, somebody pushed it out of the cargo bay 
with no conveyor belt below, and it fell something like 30 
feet to the ground.  the pallet was reduced to splinters, 
and the case of the machine was seriously MASHED.  The techs 
who were going to set it up didn't think it had any chance 
of working, but they pulled all the boards, beat on the case 
some to straighten it, put the boards back in, and it fired 
right up!  The machine was later returned to the US and was 
used as a
"test mule".


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