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Thu Aug 22 07:12:26 CDT 2019

I can confirm that this is a CE tool.  From what I remember they where 
used mainly by CEs in the GSD division.  The large grey lump to the left 
of the PT-2 is a channel adapter used for monitoring 370 channels.  The 
black box on the lower right is a coax switch and not part of a PT-2.  
They where mainly used for monitoring communication lines and at the 
time when I saw one in use for that, 40 years ago, it had the advantage 
of being able to decode the Bisync or SDLC protocol right on the machine 
rather than having to send the data off to have it analyzed.  I recall 
that there was an attachment with multiple types of connectors for 
communication lines along with indicator lights for important signals.  
Missing from the pictures is the external monitor and tape cartridges 
that contained the programs for the machine. There was also a later 
version of this machine that had a built in LCD display.


On 2019-08-22 12:37 a.m., William Donzelli via cctalk wrote:
> I think this was a CE tool used with machines with the UC processor.
> My info is pretty sketchy...
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> Will
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>> Anyone know anything about this??

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