ADM-3A question

Charles charlesmorris800 at
Sat Aug 17 22:44:01 CDT 2019

Tried the ADM-3A out today on my PDP-8/A via the 20 ma current loop 
interface - just unplugged the ASR-33 and plugged in the glass TTY :)
Worked great (the current loop probably had never been used, so no one had a 
chance to blow it up), but I got tired of holding down the Shift key since 
OS/8 doesn't understand lower case letters.
So I decided to set its switch to upper case only... terminal kept putting 
out lower case.

Sure enough, that switch contact was stuck closed. It'd probably never been 
moved since the terminal was new!
Now waiting on a 6-position dip switch from Mouser. And some 8-position 
Mate-n-Lok connectors.

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