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Sat Aug 17 14:37:31 CDT 2019

On 16/08/2019 16:33, Noel Chiappa via cctalk wrote:
> There is an automatic backup system which sends copies to a machine at his
> house, so the particular scenario above (hosting sevice goes away with no
> warning) is not an issue. (Yes, a Chicxulub event in Scandanavia would defeat
> that, but we'd all probably have larger problems to worry about!) After the
> first event, I make manual backups here of all the articles I contribute.
> The biggest concern is if he has an unfortunate interaction with a truck. I
> did raise this issue with him, and he had some initial suggestions, but I
> haven't followed through. If people start contributing, it'd probably be time
> to formalize something.

I think having it mirrored would be a smart move. bitsavers is mirrored, 
manx nearly vanished but is now online (although I've just noticed that 
it's hosted on codeplex ...).

It is possible to Special:Export each page via a script but it would be 
much easier to have the existing backup mechanism make copies available 
to multiple people. (It's easy to install mediawiki, so testing the 
backup occasionally should be straightforward).


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