Archiving information, was Re: ADM-3A question

Noel Chiappa jnc at
Fri Aug 16 10:33:00 CDT 2019

    > From: Steven M Jones

    > imagine that a law is passed in a far away land, and the site owner
    > decides it's is too risky to bother with, and they then take the entire
    > site down - wiki and fora - with no warning and no access to the
    > material...
    > ..
    > I would strongly suggest that if people are going to do something of
    > the scale you describe, they might want to consider setting up a
    > distribution or replication mechanism 

Past events have made me very concerned about this issue! On a couple of
occasions, Tore (who runs the CHWiki) has forgotten to pay the DNS fee, or
something similar, and it went off-line (the first time for a week, as he
was off camping). Leading to total panic on my part when he wasn't reachable,
about all the content I'd written!

There is an automatic backup system which sends copies to a machine at his
house, so the particular scenario above (hosting sevice goes away with no
warning) is not an issue. (Yes, a Chicxulub event in Scandanavia would defeat
that, but we'd all probably have larger problems to worry about!) After the
first event, I make manual backups here of all the articles I contribute.

The biggest concern is if he has an unfortunate interaction with a truck. I
did raise this issue with him, and he had some initial suggestions, but I
haven't followed through. If people start contributing, it'd probably be time
to formalize something.


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