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OTOH, there are vast quantities of old manuals, schematics, text books, etc. that get thrown out each year because no one will pay for them. I have had the unenjoyable experience of trashing boxes full of stuff because they did not sell. $1-5 is pretty cheap, considering the time to check the condition, photograph, list on website, pack it properly, and get it to the right place.

If something has sat here for 23 years and not moved, it is soon going to go away. I filled up John's car last time he came down. I would much rather they went to a good home than the dumpster, but most people do not want the "clutter".

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> Instead of the search engines working to improve AI, they should be 
> putting more effort into ESP.

However with 'FREE' web hosting vanishing faster the Dodo,
you have lost most of the Small sites that may of had the
information. A blog tends lose things after the current

> Marvin

My other gripe, is technical books tend to revise for the latest
trend in marketing. A fictional book like "Software tools for fools",
Version #1 8008, Version #2 Z80 Version #3 386. Version #4 RISC machine
#5 latest machine available only for Beta testing.
***** library has removed books that have not been checked out in the
last 3 years. We can borrow the latest copy when comes in print from the
main branch.

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