Archiving information, was Re: ADM-3A question

ben bfranchuk at
Thu Aug 15 18:56:41 CDT 2019

On 8/15/2019 4:33 PM, Marvin Johnston via cctalk wrote:

> Instead of the search engines working to improve AI, they should be 
> putting more effort into ESP.

However with 'FREE' web hosting vanishing faster the Dodo,
you have lost most of the Small sites that may of had the
information. A blog tends lose things after the current

> Marvin

My other gripe, is technical books tend to revise for the latest
trend in marketing. A fictional book like "Software tools for fools",
Version #1 8008, Version #2 Z80 Version #3 386. Version #4 RISC machine
#5 latest machine available only for Beta testing.
***** library has removed books that have not been checked out in the
last 3 years. We can borrow the latest copy when comes in print from the
main branch.

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