Grid 1537 ”Tempest” schematics

Curt Vendel curt at
Wed Aug 14 22:49:14 CDT 2019


  I’m doing some work for a friend who has one of these unicorns it’s apparently a super beefed up CIA use the laptop that wound up in Russia somehow and he got it shipped back here to the US

The motherboard was modified it looks like the hard drive was on some kind of a tray going to a connector which is IDE compatible

Someone had extremely poorly soldered on an IDE cable in place of the sled and over the years several of the pans of popped off and they’re not really making sense as to the solder points they’re supposed to go to.  Complicating the matter is the paint outs are not just a direct staggered 40 Pin to Pin connection several of the through holes are not in use so just soldering on I had her and plug in the cable into it is not possible also the pens are staggered so that wouldn’t make it possible either.

So to cut to the chase does anyone have the schematics or the motherboard pinouts for this connector so that I can do a proper soldering job and put on a clean working cable so that this laptop can vote from the IDE hard drive?

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