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Wed Aug 14 13:46:11 CDT 2019

Noel Chiappa via cctalk writes:

>     >> Al Kossow via cctalk writes:
>     >> Buried in a filing cabinet in the basement with a sign that
>     >> says "Beware of Leopard".
> Good one!
>     > From: Seth J. Morabito
>     > I'm going to respectfully disagree .. the proliferation of
>     > modern JavaScript frameworks that are designed to build
>     > single-page apps, and make the web virtually impossible to
>     > scrape or mirror in an efficient and simple way. ... every
>     > single page is statically generated at publishing time and
>     > absolutely nothing is dynamic.
> It's not clear that it's the dynamic nature of the content he's
> unhappy with; it might just be that having stuff scattered across a
> zillion personal pages (be they blogs, or whatever) is going to make
> it hard to find the useful one when needed, and that's why he's
> cranky. (Well, more so than he usually is.... :-)

I agree, this is a very valid complaint.

The sheer vastness of content available, combined with a Google
monoculture, combined with a concerted attempt to GAME the Google
monoculture, is making search and discovery hard. I honestly don't know
what to do about it. I don't have a better idea, unless we go back to
something like a directory-style curated experience, a-la Yahoo! circa
1998-ish. Not that that doesn't have it's own horrible problems, of

> 	Noel


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