ADM-3A question

Noel Chiappa jnc at
Wed Aug 14 13:01:03 CDT 2019

    >> Al Kossow via cctalk writes:

    >> Buried in a filing cabinet in the basement with a sign that says
    >> "Beware of Leopard".

Good one!

    > From: Seth J. Morabito

    > I'm going to respectfully disagree .. the proliferation of modern
    > JavaScript frameworks that are designed to build single-page apps, and
    > make the web virtually impossible to scrape or mirror in an efficient
    > and simple way. ... every single page is statically generated at
    > publishing time and absolutely nothing is dynamic.

It's not clear that it's the dynamic nature of the content he's unhappy with;
it might just be that having stuff scattered across a zillion personal pages
(be they blogs, or whatever) is going to make it hard to find the useful one
when needed, and that's why he's cranky. (Well, more so than he usually
is.... :-)

If it's got something oddball term in the text, a Web indexer might be able
to find it, but what if your search term turns up 17,239 matches? Finding the
useful needle in the hackstack of crap on the current Web is a tall order -
so tall, that I suspect a lot of people don't even try, just shoot off an
email to CCTalk in the hopes that someone here will enlighten them.

I've seen a number of instances recently where people's questions were
answered on the CHWiki, but apparently they couldn't find it. So they
wound up asking here...


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