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It's funny how licensing bodies do not recognise computer engineers. I 
am a member if the IEEE, but since I first wrote to the local body in 
1974 they have never recognised computer engineering as a discipline.  
After twenty years of chip-level troubleshooting on DEC machines I spent 
twenty twenty-five years teaching college before retiring to my 
soon-to-be-restored collection of old kit.

I ran into the then President of the provincial licensing association at 
an alumni event a few years ago and he laughed, saying they are still 
working on it!

Meanwhile, computers run everything...


Nigel Johnson

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>>> What term is used there for an engineer
>>> who works in fields of general electronics?
>> An electronics engineer...
> This war was settled in 1963 when the American Institute of Electrical 
> Engineers merged with the Institute of Radio Engineers, realizing 
> their battle was just silly and counterproductive.
> It was time, as serious electronics was moving into telecommunications 
> and computers, numerically controlled machine tools, aviation, and 
> more.  If they had a separate institute for each area of 
> specialization, it would just dilute the  resources. Every one of them 
> used Ohms law and its derivatives.
> Jon


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