ADM-3A question

Charles charlesmorris800 at
Fri Aug 9 20:39:06 CDT 2019

I bought an ADM-3A on ebay. The monitor and the circuit board/keyboard are 
from two different terminals - confirmed by hand-engraved serial numbers on 
the halves that don't match.
Not to mention the two different case colors (pale blue top, blue bottom)!
But it does have the lower-case option already installed :)

Anyhow, there appears to be some breakdown of the CRT implosion plate 
silicone (screen rot). I've read about this problem before, so no real 
It seems to be turning into brown "goop" which has run down onto the circuit 
Do I need to remove the goop before powering it up? Or is it nonconductive 
and hopefully noncorrosive, so it can wait until I remove the implosion 
plate and fix it?


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