Alphaservers for free in Athabasca, Alberta

Boris Gimbarzevsky boris at
Mon Aug 5 22:25:32 CDT 2019

Had to give away my Minc system with 2 RLO2 
drives and 2 RK03 drives but it did go to a good 
home.  Have a couple of 11/23 systems left but 
have been in storeage long enough that can't fire 
them up without first totally going over power 
supplies as large electrolytics don't age 
well.  My wife is after me to get rid of "old 
stuff" but it's the most fun to use and easiest 
to repair.  May have to placate her by getting 
rid of my collection of 80x86 PC's which can now 
be easily replaced by Propeller systems for data acquisition applications.

>On 8/5/2019 6:51 PM, Boris Gimbarzevsky via cctalk wrote:
>>A mere 579 miles from Kamloops.  Unfortunately 
>>have to talk to my wife who thinks I have too 
>>many computers even though I've given away bulk 
>>of my DEC stuff.  Never got a chance to play 
>>around on Alpha as it came out during my Mac days.
>Now why could it not be a nice little PDP 11.

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