Suggestions for 16 mm movies to digital conversion

Ed Sharpe couryhouse at
Sat Feb 24 15:35:51 CST 2018

Cory - works  best  with  a  projector  w/ 5 bladed shutter...
hard to  find at the thrift  store  alas...
I have  some Honeywell computer training  films we need to  digitize  someday too..
also have a  set of  reels  for Beginning or the  End?  the  first doc-u-drama about the Manhattan project that was  dome right after the  war  I  would  like   shit  to single  frames.  yea it is out  on DVD and on TCM sometimes but I want  sharper stills of a family member that was in it.
We also have  some of the old BELL system movies but many of those are  utubed..
problem  with the utubed stuff it  is  soft. and lo  res  and lousy If  you want still   frames  that look  great.
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Hey Pete,

Might be worth checking to see if any of your titles have already been digitized. I know Once Upon a Punch Card was loaded to YouTube a number of years ago (could be worth checking with the uploader to see if they have a high quality version available if you'd like a personal copy). Might save having to re-invent the wheel.

I like to pick up the occasional 16mm computer film off eBay for my own use, but I've also converted a couple to digital using the low tech 'camera aimed at screen' method. Actually, it was my iPhone on a tripod running software that allowed for frame rate adjustment AND color shifting to take the red out of the film and boost the faded hues. -Cory

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