KDF11-B ROM machine-readable source

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Sun Feb 11 18:34:45 CST 2018

Yep, popular hack, to run the KDF11 ROMs in the BDV11. That's what I've
done for my MINC-23:



On Sun, Feb 11, 2018 at 6:39 PM, Noel Chiappa via cctalk <
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> Is the code for the KDF11-B ROMs available in machine-readable source
> anywhere? I looked with Google, but couldn't find anything.
> Eventually I recalled having seen it in the fiche, which was better than
> nothing (disassembling something that size to see how it worked was, ah,
> unappealing, shall we say?), but it's still pretty hard to work with
> (where is
> 'FOO:' in all these pages), hence the interest in the machine-readable
> source.
> BTW, it appears these ROMs can be used in the BDV11, too - which is nice
> because the stock BDV11 code only checks 256 KB, whereas the KDF11-B code
> does
> the whole 4MB (and, IIRC, support more devices, too). I bought a BDV11
> which
> had EPROM's in it which did more than 256KB, and looking at them, they
> appear
> to contain the KDF11-B code. So I promptly made a bunch of copies and
> installed
> them in place of the stock ones in my other BDV11's! :-)
>      Noel

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