KDF11-B ROM machine-readable source

Noel Chiappa jnc at mercury.lcs.mit.edu
Sun Feb 11 17:39:18 CST 2018

Is the code for the KDF11-B ROMs available in machine-readable source
anywhere? I looked with Google, but couldn't find anything.

Eventually I recalled having seen it in the fiche, which was better than
nothing (disassembling something that size to see how it worked was, ah,
unappealing, shall we say?), but it's still pretty hard to work with (where is
'FOO:' in all these pages), hence the interest in the machine-readable source.

BTW, it appears these ROMs can be used in the BDV11, too - which is nice
because the stock BDV11 code only checks 256 KB, whereas the KDF11-B code does
the whole 4MB (and, IIRC, support more devices, too). I bought a BDV11 which
had EPROM's in it which did more than 256KB, and looking at them, they appear
to contain the KDF11-B code. So I promptly made a bunch of copies and installed
them in place of the stock ones in my other BDV11's! :-)


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