How to enable USB drives in both Windows 98SE AND MS-DOS 7.1.

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Sun Feb 11 16:10:53 CST 2018

On 02/11/2018 01:41 PM, Noel Chiappa via cctalk wrote:
> It wasn't just supposition on my part; as I had mentioned:

I'm not saying (or implying) that it was supposition on anybodies part.

I understand that you do have the opinion that having something on 
CHWiki's site make make it more likely for someone to find something. 
I'd like to think that I understand why too.

I'm saying that I do not subscribe to that belief.

> and I didn't cheat by using, e.g. KT11-B, I tried to use fairly generic 
> things, e.g. 'RK05 disk drive' (third listing), 'PDP-11' (fifth listing), 
> etc.

I didn't figure that you did.

> Admittedly, that's hardly cast-iron proof, but it's a lot beter than just 
> 'it stands to [my] reason'....

Agreed.  It's also more than many will do to defend their stance.

I myself haven't offered anything to defend my stance.  -  Rather I'm 
simply stating that it's /my/ stance, which happens to differ from yours.

> Huh? If you do a Google search for 'computer history wiki', it's the 
> first non-Wikipedia page in the results list.

I figured that you were referring to "Computer History Wiki", but I did 
not want to make any (likely incorrect) assumptions.

> I call it the CHWiki when typing posts for here since I would get tired 
> of typing out the whole long 'Computer History wiki' every time, but I 
> will add that short term to some pages there to help it show up under 
> that name.

That seems perfectly reasonable and like something I would do myself.

> Be my guest!  I've been there, done that, and moved on, because I got 
> tired of stupidity like this:

10% likely is more likely than 1% likely to post to Wikipedia.

I have no desire to get involved in politics.

I want to write things the way /I/ want to.  Hence why my site is so 
appealing to me.  -  I'm free to meet (or not) the low bar.  ;-)

> Also, the page that started this ("How to enable USB drives in both 
> Windows 98SE AND MS-DOS 7.1") might well be ditched from Wikipedia, 
> for a variety of Wiki-bureacratic reasons I won't get into here ('no 
> original research', plus to which it's not really suitable material for 
> a general encyclopaedia).

Another perc with my own site.  As long as "Me", "Myself", and "I" are 
in agreement, things are good.

> Err, no. The first and third _pre-date_ my joining the CHWiki.


> Why I did the second one as a page on my own site, I don't really recall - 
> maybe because it changed so much in the course of researching it? (It's 
> very convenient - I had the HTML source on disk opened in a browser 
> window, and any time I wanted to see what it currently looked like, 
> I just had to hit the 'refresh' button.)


That's what my development cycle is usually like.

10 ssh host
20 cp template newarticle
30 vim newarticle
40 view new article
50 if not happy with new article goto 30
60 logout

> I have done several major things only on the CHWiki, e.g.:
> as well as a ton of other stuff.

Thank you for your time and effort.  I'm sure the community appreciates 
what you've done.

> But clearly you aren't interested in moving off your own personal site - 
> which is fine.

It's more that I'm going to publish on my own site /first/.  What 
happens /after/ that, I mostly don't care.

Grant. . . .
unix || die

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