How to enable USB drives in both Windows 98SE AND MS-DOS 7.1.

Noel Chiappa jnc at
Sun Feb 11 14:41:30 CST 2018

    > From: Grant Taylor

    >> people are more likely to find it, when they're looking for info on a
    >> topic, if it's part of something like the CHWiki, than they are on
    >> individual Web sites.

    > I question the validity of it.

It wasn't just supposition on my part; as I had mentioned:

    >> I just tried a few samples to verify that claim

and I didn't cheat by using, e.g. KT11-B, I tried to use fairly generic
things, e.g. 'RK05 disk drive' (third listing), 'PDP-11' (fifth listing),

Admittedly, that's hardly cast-iron proof, but it's a lot beter than just 'it
stands to [my] reason'....

    > searching Google for CHWiki came up with things that I think were name
    > collisions.

Huh? If you do a Google search for 'computer history wiki', it's the first
non-Wikipedia page in the results list.

I call it the CHWiki when typing posts for here since I would get tired of
typing out the whole long 'Computer History wiki' every time, but I will add
that short term to some pages there to help it show up under that name.

    > I'd be more likely to publish things on (what I consider to be) an even
    > bigger and more well known Wiki, namely Wikipedia.

Be my guest! :-) I've been there, done that, and moved on, because I got
tired of stupidity like this:

Also, the page that started this ("How to enable USB drives in both Windows
98SE AND MS-DOS 7.1") might well be ditched from Wikipedia, for a variety of
Wiki-bureacratic reasons I won't get into here ('no original research', plus
to which it's not really suitable material for a general encyclopaedia).

    >> so I do understand going that way.

    > it seems as if you are asking us to do something different than you
    > yourself are currently doing

Err, no. The first and third _pre-date_ my joining the CHWiki.

Why I did the second one as a page on my own site, I don't really recall -
maybe because it changed so much in the course of researching it? (It's very
convenient - I had the HTML source on disk opened in a browser window, and
any time I wanted to see what it currently looked like, I just had to hit the
'refresh' button.)

I have done several major things only on the CHWiki, e.g.:

as well as a ton of other stuff.

But clearly you aren't interested in moving off your own personal site -
which is fine.


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