How to enable USB drives in both Windows 98SE AND MS-DOS 7.1.

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On 11/02/18 19:14, Grant Taylor via cctalk wrote:
> So what compels me to put content on someone else's site and not my site?

Nothing but if you're OK with the CHWiki linking to your site (or even 
wholesale copying articles with an attribution) that would be a start 
(even if it's someone other than you doing it).

There are already articles that come from Wikipedia (with attribution) 
so I assume that linking to other sites (or lifting articles with 
permission) would be OK too.

> I guess that I can be selfish and say that my site is first and 
> foremost for me.  If others happen to be able to learn from or benefit 
> from it, GREAT!  But I'm going to do things for me, where I want (on 
> my site) first and foremost.

One advantage (for the rest of us, at least) might be that the CHWiki 
might outlast your site (although if you've asked to keep 
tabs on your site, that may not be the case I suppose).


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