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Peter Coghlan cctalk at
Sun Feb 4 18:35:53 CST 2018

> The alphaserver 1000a I have has a storageworks array.
> The disk carriers are green in color, I see storageworks disks for sale 
> on ebay that are blue.  What is the difference? Are they interchangeable?

As far as I know, the green ones are 8 bit SCSI and the blue ones are 16 bit

If I recall correctly, if you put green disks in a blue shelf, they work but
I'm not sure if they force the rest of the bus to work in 8 bit mode. If you
put blue disks in a green shelf, they work in 8 bit mode.  I'm looking at one
here doing just that.

> Is it possible (or even wise) to open one of the green carriers and 
> change the disk out?

It shouldn't be a problem.  The green ones have 50 pin connectors for the
disks and the blue ones have 68 pin connectors.  Other issues that might arise
include whether the internal cables will reach to where the connectors are on
the replacement disk.

In the days of the green disks, it was possible to buy empty (white) containers
to put your own disks in from DEC or whatever they were called then.  I think
these were slightly more flexible on the mounting arrangements and cable layout
for the disks inside them than the green containers.

Peter Coghlan.

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