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On Sun, 4 Feb 2018, Douglas Taylor via cctech wrote:

> The alphaserver 1000a I have has a storageworks array.
> The disk carriers are green in color, I see storageworks disks for sale on 
> ebay that are blue.  What is the difference? Are they interchangeable?
> Is it possible (or even wise) to open one of the green carriers and change 
> the disk out?

Yes, the disks are interchangeable.  I have used blue disks in a green shelf 
and green disks in a blue shelf.  The modules come apart fairly easily and
you can replace the drives or remove drives and use them as ordinary SCSI
drives elsewhere - I have done that too.

DEC and Compaq also sold DLTs in a StorageWorks module those can also be
taken apart and the drive replaced but they are harder to get apart and
you must pay attention if you hope to get it reassembled properly.

> Doug

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